When performance is hidden in your genes!

Athletic capacity and athletic performance are affected by many factors:

The person’s genetic structure

Living conditions





The athletes’genetic structure affects their capacities and the biological process that contribute to their high performance.

The awareness of DNA’s complexity plays a rather significant part in the choice of the appropriate sport.

The genetic profile contributes up to 70-80% to an athlete’s performance.

With the analysis of the related genes the athlete can:

  • Determine and take advantage of his/her genetic advantages
  • Get over his/her genetic barriers
  • Detecthigher risk of potential athletic injuries
  • Follow a nutritional direction in accordance with the nutritional demands and needs of his/her body
  • Adopt personalized training programs



Reach the maximum of your capacity!



The genes related to athletic performance give us the following information about:

Endurance Capacity

Muscle Performance

Sensitivity to injuries – Tendons

Sensitivity to injuries – Bones

Psychological condition (motivation for exercise)

Use of anabolic substances (metabolism)

Body mass index

Heart Disease

Lipid metabolism

Homocysteine metabolism

Inflammatory response

Iron absorption – storage


Antioxidant action – detoxifying ability