Genomed consists of a group of geneticists, biologists, dermatologists, dieticians and other scientists of various relevant disciplines who, with the help of developers, have recorded and created a database of 13,500 records for DNA data. A close and long-lasting relationship was established with the Pharmaceutical School of the National Kapodistrian University of Athens, while they jointly conducted research and clinical efficacy studies for her service as well as her individualized products.

EAUVOIR is aconcept missing in the international health and beauty market. It is a case of an innovative and serious concept designed based on international data. It is an anthropocentric project that combines the service itself with the corresponding product, and aims to the actual management of ageing and genetically substantiated care, approved by laboratories. EAUVOIR is the answer to the request of the largest part of women (and not just) on the planet, regarding their health and beauty.

Genomed has the knowledge and experience to come through with the according seriousness, validity and effectiveness internationally. Havinga9-year experience in the field, as well as cooperation with qualified laboratories. The long-term cooperation with the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens and other international laboratories, along with qualified cosmetic formula manufacturing units, render Genomed the ideal agent for valid results in the field of beauty, health and wellness.


Genomed provides:

  • Performing DNA testing (predictive genomics)and valid results.
  • Automated translation/decoding of DNA results.
  • Automated system for personalized cosmetic prescriptions.
  • Automated recommendation and tips for managing defective genes and nutritional direction.
  • Certified personalized cosmetics based on DNA results.
  • Store model and construction specifications.
  • Operating manual.
  • Employeestraining.
  • Medical bibliography
  • Educational seminars / workshops / speeches
  • copyright protection
  • Advertising direction.
  • Region / country exclusivity for product-service exploitation.
  • Protection of customer personal data.
  • Secure intragroup communication system for secure communication and distribution of personal data of the clientele.

Personalized cosmetics based on your DNA