The process of DNA examination

DNA testing (predictive genomics) is performedin the simplest, quickest and most painless way. We collect cells from the buccal pouch, by rubbing the inner part of the cheek with a sterilized swab for a few seconds. The genes analyzed, that determine to a great extenthealth problems, weight, ageing, as well as our stamina and capacities, have been selectedfrom international bibliography after years of research, according to well-documented scientific studies.

… we are born with our personal instruction manual, which is nothing more than our unique DNA.

Genomed after a simple examination, provides its translation

DNA testing provides the database for maximum,individualizedrequirements management concerning health – beauty – weight – athletic performance. Genomed provides comprehensive recommendations in order tofulfill the needs and particularities of everyone personally, based on their unique genetic profile, providing additional services such as:

  • Instructions concerning areas of our health that require constant vigilance
  • Dietary advice – Diet plans
  • Personalized prescriptionsfor safe cosmetic products and food supplements
  • Management advice on the athlete’s maximal performance
We are born with our personal book – instructions that are none other than our unique DNA